Constructor de canonades d’aigua de baix joc polivalent Model 3D (max fbx ma mb targa icb vda vst pix obj)

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Model 3D de shuldyakov

Constructor universal de canonades d'aigua o d'oli i canonades. Aigua baixa de joc de polietil·la baixa o canonada d'oli.

Mida de textura 2048x2048 (difusa, normal, especular) Fitxer PSD inclòs
Format de fitxer 3d: 3DsMax, Maya, OBJ, FBX

el paquet inclou: cargols, cargols, torns, vàlvules, agulles, canonades i altres peces de la canonada.

A well-designed irrigation system is important not only for the health of plants in a landscape but it is also important for human health as well. A successful irrigation system keeps water for landscapes separate from potable drinking water, preventing pollution or contamination of public water supplies from backflow that can cause illnesses in the society. That/’s why a backflow preventer/ water Pipe constructor work comes into play as the necessity on any irrigation project. If the irrigation line does not have a backflow preventer at the cross-connection, then contaminated water can be pulled into the supply line from sprinklers or other emitters.

It is very important that an approved and working backflow device be installed to prevent the cross contamination of water from your irrigation system or pool into your drinking water system. Let/’s have a Universal constructor of water or oil pipes and pipeline with low poly ART Game Backflow Water or OIL Pipe. Discover quality 3d models available from our 3d model marketplace for immediate download in several 3d file formats (3ds, obj, maya, max, fbx, c4d, dae, etc) for your 3d modeling, visualization, VR / AR and CG project needs.

Discover Low Poly ART Game Backflow Water or OIL pipe of 2048×2048 texture size ( difuse, specular ) map PSD file included 3d file format : 3Ds, Max, Maya, OBJ, FBX the package includes – bolts, screws, turns, valves, pins, pipes and other pipeline parts.

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  • Optimitzat per a: Realitat augmentada, Jocs, High Poly, Low Poly, Render Ready, Reality Virtual, VR eCards
  • Formats de fitxers: Fitxer 3D Studio Max (.max), connector 3D Studio Max (connector 3ds max), fitxer FBS de Autodesk (.fbx), Maya (.ma .mb), Targa (.tga, .icb, .vda, .vst,. pix), Wavefront (.obj)
  • geometria: poligonal
  • connectors: cap
  • materials:
  • Textures:
  • Enganjat: no
  • Animat: no
  • Polígons: 15000
  • Vèrtexs: 26000
  • Mida dels fitxers: 10 - 20 MB
Identificador del model 3D: 272494

Publicat el març: 24, 2018
Artista 3D: shuldyakov